Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction

These guideposts direct you, giving insight. Sometimes God will miraculously open doors for you when you least expect it.  They might appear to be coincidental but in reality they are meant for you to make a decision.

Blue ButterflyThe guideposts are there. They could come in the form of temptations or the form of an arrow pointing you in a certain direction. You notice these guideposts. You have all sorts of choices in this world. Each choice you make leads you in another direction.

It’s the journey of life. As we look back at our lives, we see things happened because of our choices.  We see the way things were aligned and we find comfort knowing there is a bigger picture at stake.

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky? Rainbows often appear after a rain storm. The skies clear, the sun takes a sneak peak, and a rainbow is clearly visible. It’s your promise. God sends the rainbow to show you His promises. Continue reading “Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction”


On This Side of Heaven

Balloons to heavenFor on this side of heaven we may never know how high we have reached or how many lives we have touched.

I do believe however, when we reach our heavenly home, we will see lines of people and crowds of smiling faces.  Those lives we touched in simple ways, as well as those we have greatly impacted, will be there to thank us.

On this side of heaven we may never know the impact we are having on others in our daily lives.  We offer kindness, we give generously, and we help our fellow-man. Continue reading “On This Side of Heaven”


Awakening the Dream Within

butterflies are freeAre you filled with a dream?  Do you want to make a difference in your life?

Awakening the dream within is about discovering your passion. It’s about waking the dream that stirs deep inside your soul.  It’s the calling of your heart that carries the voice of truth.  It’s turning discoveries into opportunities.

This is a journey of a writer who held a passion inside for decades, then decided to release her dreams and publish a book.

This begins the journey. Inspiration is found here.  Snippets of wisdom and quotes will follow.

Discover your passion and awaken the dream inside.