Three Types of Friendships

FeaturedThree Types of Friendships

Many friendships will come and go in life. In seasons of change, a person will encounter new friends, and old friends will fall away. There are friendships that stay with you during a lifetime. Those friends are the first ones you call to share good news and the ones you can count on in times of crisis.

The seasonal friends may be those you work with. There may be minimal outside contact with them besides the day-to-day of working together. These friends share your joys, may know of your sorrows, but they don’t connect deeply in your situation. I like to call them the flyaway friends. When a person leaves their job, you don’t see them anymore. That’s it. They are gone from your life. They lasted for a season and now they depart. It is important to mention however, some of these working relationships may turn into lifetime friends.

Those lifetime friends are those who have seen you at your worst. They have celebrated with you, cried with you, and have lasted a lifetime with you. These friendships can live at a distant or be close.  You can be out of touch with them for days or months, but when you connect, it’s just like yesterday.  These special friendships connect you within the deepest part of your soul. Continue reading “Three Types of Friendships”