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I have refrained from giving my opinion during this election. The discouragement and lack of respect given to each of the opponents show little to no value for the American people. How can we respect our leaders when they lack the respect of one another? The candidates have slandered one another and pointed fingers at […]

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Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction

These guideposts direct you, giving insight. Sometimes God will miraculously open doors for you when you least expect it.  They might appear to be coincidental but in reality they are meant for you to make a decision.

Blue ButterflyThe guideposts are there. They could come in the form of temptations or the form of an arrow pointing you in a certain direction. You notice these guideposts. You have all sorts of choices in this world. Each choice you make leads you in another direction.

It’s the journey of life. As we look back at our lives, we see things happened because of our choices.  We see the way things were aligned and we find comfort knowing there is a bigger picture at stake.

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky? Rainbows often appear after a rain storm. The skies clear, the sun takes a sneak peak, and a rainbow is clearly visible. It’s your promise. God sends the rainbow to show you His promises. Continue reading “Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction”

Three Types of Friendships

FeaturedThree Types of Friendships

Many friendships will come and go in life. In seasons of change, a person will encounter new friends, and old friends will fall away. There are friendships that stay with you during a lifetime. Those friends are the first ones you call to share good news and the ones you can count on in times of crisis.

The seasonal friends may be those you work with. There may be minimal outside contact with them besides the day-to-day of working together. These friends share your joys, may know of your sorrows, but they don’t connect deeply in your situation. I like to call them the flyaway friends. When a person leaves their job, you don’t see them anymore. That’s it. They are gone from your life. They lasted for a season and now they depart. It is important to mention however, some of these working relationships may turn into lifetime friends.

Those lifetime friends are those who have seen you at your worst. They have celebrated with you, cried with you, and have lasted a lifetime with you. These friendships can live at a distant or be close.  You can be out of touch with them for days or months, but when you connect, it’s just like yesterday.  These special friendships connect you within the deepest part of your soul. Continue reading “Three Types of Friendships”


Who Are Your Inspirational Heroes

Tonight is Oscar night. It’s the biggest night in Hollywood. It makes me think about all the glamour and glitz while the celebrities walk the red carpet. They wear the highest designer fashions.  We turn on our televisions to watch their arrivals. We wait to see who will win the Academy Award. We hope our favorites take home the Oscar.

Blue ButterflyIn this generation many people idolize famous celebrities, athletes and others within the entertainment industry. Who are your heroes? Whoever you admire says a lot about who you are.

These inspirational heroes change us. They make us think differently about ourselves and the lives we live.  Those who make a big impact in the world, leave a lasting legacy that transforms our lives.

In this excerpt from ‘Awakening the Dream Within’ it says, “In life, we leave a legacy to our children; we leave our footprints wherever we travel, and we leave our fingerprints on every heart we touch.” Continue reading “Who Are Your Inspirational Heroes”


On This Side of Heaven

Balloons to heavenFor on this side of heaven we may never know how high we have reached or how many lives we have touched.

I do believe however, when we reach our heavenly home, we will see lines of people and crowds of smiling faces.  Those lives we touched in simple ways, as well as those we have greatly impacted, will be there to thank us.

On this side of heaven we may never know the impact we are having on others in our daily lives.  We offer kindness, we give generously, and we help our fellow-man. Continue reading “On This Side of Heaven”


Looking for Answers we Search our Past

looking at the pastLooking for meaning and purpose, we delve into our pasts hoping to find answers.

Can I change the world by mere existence? Can I move mountains by my sheer desires?

I might not be rich and famous, nor be of a celebrity status, but I am unique.  My experiences, my pasts, my relationships are in essence what I am made of.

A self image is the heart of the soul.  We search our pasts, we research our ancestry, we hunger for knowledge.

Are you looking for a fresh start or a new beginning?  Start where you are and look for the guideposts.  They are the markers which lead you to make a choice.

The answers are out there. Are you ready to make a difference?