On This Side of Heaven

Balloons to heavenFor on this side of heaven we may never know how high we have reached or how many lives we have touched.

I do believe however, when we reach our heavenly home, we will see lines of people and crowds of smiling faces.  Those lives we touched in simple ways, as well as those we have greatly impacted, will be there to thank us.

On this side of heaven we may never know the impact we are having on others in our daily lives.  We offer kindness, we give generously, and we help our fellow-man.

I believe the heart which opens up to love another is the heart that God wishes us to have.  For how you treat others will be acknowledged one day.

What did you do with the gifts God gave you on this side of heaven?  Did you choose to love? Was it enough?

For on this side of heaven we do not see the realm of heavenly hosts.  We may be aware of their presence, but we cannot see them.  It’s all about faith.

In the book, ‘Awakening the Dream Within’ there is an excerpt that says, “pour the love into your heart… Put a smile on your soul. Look into the eyes of  your inner child and express the love you feel. God has not given up on you.  People who succeed most in life tend to have a greater need larger than themselves.”

For on this side of heaven we are only here for a little while. Yet the impact we have can be tremendous. You may be the seed that is planted, you may be the water that helps one to grow, or you may be the one who witnesses a beautiful flower bloom.  For on this side of heaven we have the opportunity to make a difference.


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